Tired and with no time to clean the house? There is a new 3-in-1 automatic scrubber that makes cleaning and scrubbing easier and faster!

Written by Ana Truman -> House

Cleaning the house can be a headache if you don’t have good and powerful tools. There is a new portable automatic cleaning device that makes the cleaning easier and faster!

Routine is faster every day, there’s always one more task to do, and we don’t always have the time (and disposition) to do the household tasks and chores.

Are you afraid of spending hours cleaning surfaces and objects where the dirt is stubborn? Do you stay hours and hours rubbing and scrubbing until you get tired and leave it undone? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone!

We are always looking for more efficient and faster ways to clean the house because not all of us are capable of paying a cleaning lady.

But here are the good news: there is a new and awesome complete cleaning tool that makes the cleaning so fast and easy, that you will get excited about the cleaning time!

What is it?

It’s called CleanMax, and it’s a potent high-power cleaning tool that makes the cleaning of any object or surface painless and in half of the time needed to clean it manually.

Now, cleaning stuff like your kitchen, your bathroom, your car, your wheels, your furniture, your gardening tools, your barbecue tools, your bicycles and much more will be so easy that you will never postpone the cleaning again!

Besides all that, CleanMax is so versatile that you can also use it to delicately clean things like your boots, cleats, and sensitive surfaces that you don’t want to scratch, like paint, chrome, glass and much more!

Does it come with more than one brush?

YES! One of the features that we most like in CleanMax is its 3 cleaning heads that can be switched depending on the type of cleaning that you will do.

See the numerous options that CleanMax offers you:

  • Soft brush: The head with the soft pad is proper to cleaning or polishing soft items, such as furniture, shoes, boots, fur coats, cars and much more.
  • Polyester Brush: Perfect for cleaning fabrics, sofas, clothes, and mats. This brush is special because the polyester material attracts all the dust and hair like a magnet.
  • Nylon Brush: Proper for kitchen cleaning , such as washing the dishes, grill plates, cups, tiles. Or you can also make the bathroom cleaning.
  • CleanMax is undoubtedly the only cleaning tool that you will need at home.

    How CleanMax works?

    Unlike the typical cleaning ritual of gathering your supplies to start the task,CleanMax does it in a blink of an eye! Simply choose the proper cleaning head for the task, press the button and you are ready to start.

    As soon as CleanMax starts working, the brushes will reach up to 5000 rotations per minute due to its powerful motor - NO batteries, NO wires, and NO electricity. Don’t worry about electrical shocks!

    Just wonder...

    No more scrubbing fiercely! No more squeezing bottles! No more twisting and folding! CleanMaxdoes all the work for you!

    Last but not least,CleanMax is built with patented high-quality plastic molded with injection that never corrodes or rusts. So, unlike other manual cleaning tools that need to be constantly replaced,CleanMax was designed to last YEARS of use with no effort and no pain!

    My hand and my arm will get tired?

    No!CleanMax is designed with a soft rubber strap, its shape comfortably fits your hand, and it only weighs 300g so your arm won’t get tired of holding it. It’s not only light but also portable. You can use it in your whole house with no annoying wires, and the on/off power button is easy to reach, giving you total control of CleanMax.

    See CleanMax in detail on the video below

    A tool like CleanMax must be expensive?

    What makes CleanMax a fantastic and versatile cleaning device is its price-quality ratio.And let’s be honest, how much are you willing to pay to make your cleaning faster and easier with no effort? CleanMax costs only€49 .

    Where can I buy it?

    Just visit the official website and order your CleanMax


    Since the recent boom of CleanMax, the company is offering a 50% discount + free shipping for all the orders completed today. Guarantee your CleanMax today – Clean all the dirt fast and with no effort!


    Cleaning your valuable belongings shouldn’t be painful, time-consuming or a waste of money. You can finally scrub and easily clean almost everything with only one tool. Fast and painless. But only when you acquire your CleanMax today!


    Benefits of using CleanMax according to the reviews of other clients

  • Fernanda: Fantastic product, cleans everything!
  • Joana: Perfect for cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen
  • Ester: Fantastic cleaning tool
  • Maria Cristina: I bought two, one for the dishes and another for the bathroom
  • Daniela: Light, scrubs well, and it’s fast
  • Susane: Cleans very well the most stubborn dirt
  • Kelly: It was the only tool that could clean the dirt of the bathroom
  • Jurandir: Perfect, fast and easy to use
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